What is dumbOt?

The name dumbOt is the combination of the words “dumb” and “robot”, giving meaning “dumb robot”.

At dumbOt, science and engineering are not presented through teaching of theories; but rather through practical application. Seminars are interactively and animatedly designed, which helps students to better comprehend concepts and ideas.

Free workshops are offered in open-ended manners, giving students an opportunity to learn and “play” with their ideas all at the same time. In addition, recycled materials that can be found in everyday life are used to build products, hence fostering creativity.


Science and engineering teaching in Vietnam is based primarily on theoretical study while lacking practical understanding and application, which negatively affects students’ enthusiasm and interest in those subjects.

To solve the above issues, Tran Ngoc Chau and Nguyen Phuong Duy, former students of Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted have discussed and come up with a novel teaching and learning method.

This method acknowledges creativity and values practical learning while creating an environment where students in Ho Chi Minh City can apply peer-to-peer study by exchanging their ideas and knowledge interpersonally, eventually stimulating their passion and interest in science and technology.

Visions & Missions

dumbOt aims at creating a science and engineering education system that values creativity and practical application with two main criteria: FUN and FREE. In the future, the propagation of such education system will allow dumbOt to approach more students.

Three missions of dumbOt are as following:

  • Turning ideas into reality with the power of science and engineering.
  • Igniting and nurturing students’ passion and creativity for science and engineering.
  • Simplifying and solving complex problems by applying science and engineering.

Main Activities

To achieve the above stated missions, dumbOt offers three main activities:



Series of free workshops providing science and engineering knowledge with hands-on activities.



Grand event at the end of each season
where students gather to showcase and share their ideas/ products with others.



Laboratory providing facilities, tools and materials for learners to realize their ideas.

dumbOt seasons 1 & 2